CRISp is a menu planning and nutritional analysis software that allows you to create, build and analyse recipes and menus, broken down by cost and nutritional value in a simple and user-friendly process. Its menus are bench marked against the current nutritional standards.

CRISp Systems ethos is simple. We provide a software solution that works. We also provide support and training to help you achieve results. The CRISp team are passionate individuals who are dedicated to improving healthy living solutions for catering operations. For more information, please fill in our contact form or call us on 0208 760 9220.


Kidstay is a web-based system, designed to manage the registration and billing for children who stay after school in the school’s After School Club.

Parents and children are registered and booked in for the terms that they attend and are charged according to the charging scheme.

The system allows the after-school club to record details of parent/guardians and their related children. This allows them to book places by terms/days and then to register children as they arrive and log them out when they depart. The system calculates money that is due for each child and produces a statement for parents/guardians. Receipts are recorded and automatically takes receipts away from any outstanding balances. Overdue reminders can be sent from the system. Facilities include banking and reconciliation, and the system displays current balance for all children.

Kidstay records staff and their working times. Staff members are clocked in and clocked out to record hours worked and this is used as their timesheet as a basis for payment. For more information, please fill in our contact form or call us on 0208 760 9220.

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We want to help our clients exploit the power of their technology to gain a long-term competitive advantage whilst having the peace of mind that if any issues arise; a solution is never far away. Our goal is to build a close working relationship with our clients and to treat each as an individual thus providing a personal yet professional service with the minimum of fuss. Having the right systems is no longer a choice but a necessity. By helping your business to participate in technological revolution we help to secure your future.