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Have you been tirelessly seeking a software package that tailors your specific requirements? Well look no further as Kelicomp Development specialises in ensuring your exact needs are met on time and on budget! We pride ourselves not only on developing the perfect software solutions for your business but also with utilise our wealth of expertise to help add a significant value to your business along the way.

Kelicomp Computing design and develop web-based applications from basic database management systems to business-critical, end-to-end workflow systems. Our main focus is on usability, ensuring that all our solutions are intuitive, user-friendly, and effective and tailored to your specific needs to help bring you success. Our clients are involved at every phase of the process, from requirements capture all the way through to system testing enabling us to get the software 'right first time'.

Kelicomp Computing operates very differently to most other software developers. We implement several innovative techniques including a Software Development Methodology called 'Agile'. Usually at the beginning of the project the client has to provide the software developer with all the requirements they can think of; subsequently the developer then disappears for a few months and creates a system that matches all the initial requirements made by the client at the start. This invariably results in a software package that is not 100% functional and may have a number of 'teething' problems if launched into the day-day running of a business.

What is Agile?

Agile methods grew out of the real-life project experiences of leading software professionals who had experienced the challenges and limitations of traditional waterfall development on project after project. The approach promoted by agile development is in direct response to the issue associated with traditional software development – both in terms of overall philosophy as well as specific processes.

As a consequence of this, changes and adaptations can be introduced during the process of software development usually without affecting timescales and costs of the project. We have found this methodology is the most effective way to deliver complex software on specification, on time and on budget.

Agile Key Features

Breaks complex projects down into small manageable stages

Each stage is worked on in its entirety and delivered back to the client

Avoids endless sets of written documents that then need to be embedded under a legal contract, which are then never read until lawyers get involved!

Instead offers face-to-face workshops to define project stages and specific requirements for each stage.

Provides short follow-up documents that include any assumptions and decisions that were discussed or agreed upon.

Enables clients the opportunity to physically view and have input on each stage of the project as it is being developed.

Agile Benefits

Reduced Risk - Agile development, in its simplest form, offers a lightweight framework for helping teams, given a constantly evolving functional and technical landscape, maintain a focus on the rapid delivery of business value (i.e., "bang for the buck").  As a result of this focus and its associated benefits, businesses are capable of significantly reducing the overall risk associated with software development.

Increase Business Value- Agile development accelerates the delivery of initial business value, and through a process of continuous planning and feedback, is able to ensure that value is continuing to be maximized throughout the development process.

Flexibility - As a result of this iterative planning and feedback loop, teams are able to continuously align the delivered software with desired business needs, easily adapting to changing requirements throughout the process.

Transparency - By measuring and evaluating status based on the undeniable truth of working, testing software, much more accurate visibility into the actual progress of projects is available.

Accuracy - Finally, as a result of following an agile process, at the conclusion of a project is a software system that much better addresses the business and customer needs.

By delivering a working, tested, deployable software on an incremental basis, agile development delivers increased value, visibility, and adaptability much earlier in the life-cycle, significantly reducing project risk.

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