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Why waste valuable resources on internal IT support when for a fraction of the cost you could have a dedicated professional team at hand? Kelicomp Computing have over twenty years of experience, in managing businesses IT needs and successfully implementing solutions to our clients' satisfaction. We providing ourselves in offering our customers with the most comprehensive IT support and services package needed in today's fast-changing and expanding business world.

Our dedication to our clients is unrivalled. We pride ourselves on our professional and friendly attitude. Our technicians possess a wealth of experience , which means that our engineers have the experience to solve your problems and find solutions that could not only reduce the down-time but could help you optimise your business technology to improve and maximise your profit.


10 Benefits provided by Kelicomp Computing Support

Not sure if you need support? Read the list below and see if it changes your mind...

  • Cost of servicing can be worked out in advance therefore making budgeting easier.
  • Fixed cost on an annual basis.
  • Contracts can be terminated with a 3 months' notice period.
  • Costs are a fraction of employing full-time staff.
  • We offer specialists to tackle your problems, not part-time consultants or enthusiasts.
  • We always have skilled staff available so no danger of losing your skilled employee (usually after you have paid for all the courses!)
  • Quick response to all queries.
  • Customer care; as all our clients are important whether large or small.
  • Friendly and patient technicians who can assist your staff by explaining technical issues in a straight-forward, non-technical way.
  • You establish a relationship with a company that can look after your long-term needs.

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