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What is CRISp Systems?

CRISp Systems was founded by Kelicomp Computing's Carl Kelly to fulfil the need for nutritional standards based menu planning software in the food catering industry. His personal experience of catering organisations combined with his vast knowledge of Information Technology led to the formation of the company and the software which is now in its fourth incarnation and is widely used by catering organisations up and down the country.

How does CRISp Systems work?

CRISp software allows you to create, build and share recipes and menus, broken down by cost and nutritional value in a simple and user-friendly process. Its menus are bench marked against the current 'The Children's Food Trust' nutritional standards.

CRISp Systems is the brainchild of Carl Kelly and the ethos is simple. We provide a software solution that works. We also provide support and training to help you achieve results. The CRISp team are passionate individuals who are dedicated to improving healthy living solutions for catering operations. For more details please click on the link or call us on 0845 166 9071 for further details. 

CRISp Nutritional Guidelines

CRISp can store and analyse nutritional information from a wide quantity of nutrients on a per ingredient, per recipe or per menu basis, over days, weeks or months.

CRISp Ingredients Database

Every item used for recipes can be views with an easy to search interface and the ability to store information such as cost, waste, supplier codes and nutrient values.

CRISp Recipes

Browse through all of CRISps' ingredients with our new 'CRISp Food Directory' where you can search by group, type, allergen, nutrient, lifestyle or keyword. View the cost breakdown as CRISp automatically calculates how much of each ingredient you've used and tells you the cost of the recipe broken down into portions.

CRISp Menus Preparation

CRISp can create menus for multiple sites, with multiple meals per day (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner) and for multiple ages, ethnic and allergy sensitive groups. All this while also calculating actual and per portion cost, uptake and total number of meals.

CRISp Custom Demographics

CRISp allows you to store company details and tailor the software to the demographic of the sites you supply to CRISp Systems uses two demographic types; Lifestyle and Allergy. Lifestyles can be religious, e.g. Kosher, Halal, medical, e.g. diabetic, or simply choice based, e.g. vegetarian. Allergy is literally a profile of how many people in your target population are allergic to various products such as nuts, wheat, gluten, etc.

CRISp Supplier Information

You can store each ingredient supplier you use and any special cost discounts applicable. Multiple contacts can be stored with each supplier enabling you to easily find the right person to speak to for your stock ordering requirements.

CRISp Analysis

There are numerous tools to see how effective your catering operation is; ranging from detailed reports covering all items of ingredient listings, stock and inventory, to recipe profiling and menu breakdowns. CRISp also has some additional analysis tools that display and compare nutritional information for ingredients, recipes and menus.

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